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York Beer and Cider Festival

15th - 17th September 2011

Organised by Campaign for Real Ale - York Branch

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About the British Beer List

The 3rd York Beer & Cider Festival will feature up to 250 different beers. The beer order has been put together with the intention of providing a wide range of styles and strengths, new beers and well known ones, particularly those which may not be seen in the York area on a regular basis.

Local breweries within a 25 mile radius of York will be featured on a separate LocAle bar to highlight York CAMRA's campaign to reduce beer miles by encouraging as many pubs as possible to stock at least one local beer.

There is also a range of beers from Yorkshire breweries who do not qualify for LocAle but since we are blessed with a large number of excellent breweries in Yorkshire unfortunately we cannot have all of them at the festival.

Free Pint If You Join CAMRA At The Festival

This year we will be providing a free pint of our festival special beer to anyone joining CAMRA at the festival. Just visit the CAMRA stand for details.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and snacks will be available from the CAMRA stand in the main tent.

Fentimans will be selling their range of non-alcoholic drinks from their stall.

British Beers

Brewery Bars
Bridestones, Nr.Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Indian HeadPale3.7%
Deep gold to light amber in colour this beer uses pale ale, crystal and Munich malts for a tasty malt base hopped with Cascade hops.
Pale ale brewed with 5kg of root ginger and finished in cask with a unique ginger syrup.
Pale ale brewed with Citra hops.
The delicate hop characteristics dominate this pale beer, triple hopped to give a smooth clean taste.
Dark GingerSpice4.2%
A 50:50 blend of Dark Mild and Ginger.
Pennine GoldPale4.3%
Good bitterness balanced with a citrus fruit hop flavour.
Dark MildDark4.5%
Creamy, velvety mild made with four English malts and hopped with East Kent Goldings. Strong malt characters and overall sweetness.
Traditional old English ale more powerfully hopped than the traditional style, both aroma hops and bittering hops are Fuggles and Goldings.
Palindrom Dark AleDark5.0%
Dark brown porter style ale with bittersweet hop and malt flavours leading to a dryish finish.
American Pale AlePale5.0%
Strong pale ale brewed with Maris Otter malt and finished with copious amounts of American Willamette aroma hops.
Cropton, Cropton, North Yorkshire
Brewed by American master brewer Mike Hall this is a pale, quite hoppy bitter. Dry and refreshing.
Brewed using 4 different hops including Hersbrucker & Saaz hops to give a delicate, fruity aftertaste.
Two PintsAmber4.0%
A classic bitter providing a balanced hoppy flavour with a malty aftertaste.
Yorkshire MoorsAmber4.6%
A ruby beer brewed with Fuggles and Progress hops. Dark in colour with a unique hoppy and fruity aftertaste with a bittersweet finish.
Dragon SlayerPale5.0%
English style IPA
A complex blend of fine English malts with a chocolatey flavour, Blackout is a porter ale produced from a unique 1930’s recipe.
Monkmans SlaughterAmber6.0%
A full bodied powerful brew, dark brown with a very distinct malty flavour combining perfectly with Kent Challenger and Goldings hops.
Ilkley, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
Mary JanePale3.5%
Made with high quantities of Amarillo hops, this pale crisp beer has refreshing citrus aromas and flavours.
Award winning dark mild. The blend of 5 malts used in the mash give a smooth, mellow easy to drink malt flavour with a hint of liquorice.
A golden session ale with floral aromas emanating from the blend of Celeia and Cascade hops.
A hoppy and spicy chestnut coloured Yorkshire ale with a strong bitter finish.
Autumn special being launched here. A deep ruby red beer using New Zealand and American hops with a hint of vanilla in the finish.
Stout MaryDark4.5%
A full bodied oatmeal stout brewed with a blend of malts with wheat and oatmeal. Galena and Bramling Cross hops.
Black SummitDark5.0%
Dark IPA, made with pale malts in the IPA style with black and chocolate malts and roasted barley to darken. Summit and Cascade hops.
Lotus IPAPale5.6%
New Zealand Summit hops and American Cascade hops giving strong aromas and flavours of mango and grapefruit and all round citrus.
Old Mill, Snaith, East Yorkshire
Smooth, malty, nutty flavoured mild with hints of dark chocolate
Traditional bitter, hoppy, fruity & smooth on the palate with a crisp, bitter & creamy malt finish.
Blonde BombshellPale4.0%
Light, refreshing summer ale with a touch of fruit balanced by a ripe hoppy finish.
Yorkshire PorterDark4.4%
A delicious, slightly sweet porter with roasted chocolate flavours and a pleasant hop aroma.
Old CuriosityAmber4.5%
A richly coloured full drinking malty ale, dry hopped to give a smooth mellow character.
Fall OverAmber4.5%
A russet coloured, full malty quaffing ale with a smooth mellow character.
Rich coloured ale with crystal and roasted malts to give a mellow and distinctive hoppy flavour with a slightly bitter and malty aftertaste.
Theakston, Masham, North Yorkshire
Best BitterPale3.8%
Good bitter-sweet balance, this beer has a robust hop character described as citrus and spicy. It’s a refreshing and very satisfying pint.
Straw coloured ale with a pronounced ‘peach-like’ element to the aroma and palate which is complemented by a _oral hop character.
Paradise AlePale4.2%
Full bodied ale using pale ale malt and a blend of hops including Cascade to give a light fruity taste.
Grouse BeaterPale4.2%
A golden bitter with initial sweetness balanced with a moderate hop bitterness. Dry-hopped with Fuggles to give a delicate aroma.
Ruby coloured ale with a rich _avour and full body. The Bramling Cross and Fuggles hops used give a distinctively complex aroma.
Old PeculierDark5.6%
A rich, dark, smooth-tasting beer with an unequalled flavour. Brewed using the traditional Fuggle hop.
York, York, North Yorkshire
A well balanced, light beer with pale malt character. Crisp and refreshing.
Yorkshire TerrierAmber4.2%
Golden coloured premium bitter with a rich, creamy malt and full hop palate finish.
Scrum DownDark4.3%
Brewed in celebration of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Dark, rich and distinctive with a roasted and chocolate malt finish.
Centurion's GhostDark5.4%
A warming, dark bitter ale, with a roasted malt taste. Very easy to drink for its strength.
LocAle Bar
Barkston, Barkston Ash, North Yorkshire
A combination of malts with added wheat to give a creamy head and smooth taste. Fuggles, Golding, Target and Challenger hops.
Bird Brain, Howden, East Yorkshire
Pale PippitPale3.9%
Pale and hoppy. The finish is dry with that Amarillo citrus/grapefruit taste.
Chocolate PenguinDark4.6%
Inky Black in colour with deep roasted malts flavours with a mild chocolate finish.
Brass Castle, Pocklington, East Yorkshire
Refreshing hop-laden golden ale, infused with a wave of citrus notes - brewed in honour of Coastguard Rescue Teams. Vegan friendly.
Bad KittyDark5.5%
Chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter! Vegan friendly.
Brown Cow, Barlow, North Yorkshire
A very pale hoppy session beer, drinks full for its strength. Refreshing finish with citrus notes in the aftertaste.
Mell-Sheaf GoldPale4.3%
Pale gold, hopped with Bobek and Pacific Jade for a robust but well balanced bitterness. Mell-Sheaf is Yorkshire dialect for "last harvest".
Captain Oates MildDark4.5%
Dark beer with fruit and mild hop flavours.
Thriller in VanillaDark5.1%
Rich, complex dark beer with intense chocolate and vanilla flavours.
Burley Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire
The BrickyardAmber3.7%
Made with Savinjski and Golding hops and crystal malt, this copper coloured beer has a rounded malt flavour and a spicy, fruity aroma.
SPA FrancorchampsPale3.8%
Made with Styrian Goldings and American Cascade hops. This pale crisp session beer has a refreshing lemon citrus aroma and flavour.
Laguna SecaPale4.0%
Blonde beer made with Maris Otter pale malt. Grapefruit flavour derived from its Chinook and First Gold hops, dry, fruity finish.
Cropton, Cropton, North Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
Daleside, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Square Rigger IPAAmber4.5%
Light amber coloured Indian Pale Ale using 3 different blended hops to give a floral aroma in true IPA tradition.
Bobek ExportPale5.0%
Golden bronze beer with an aromatic nose and a subtle taste of Bobek hops that leads to a lingering soft, malty finish.
Monkey WrenchAmber5.3%
Powerful strong ale, mid-brown to ruby in hue. Aromas of fruit and malt give way to hoppiness with some sweetness.
Fernandes, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Malt Shovel MildDark3.8%
Dark full bodied mild, roast malt & chocolate flavours lead to dry malty finish.
Wheat BeerWheat4.3%
New wheat beer.
Five Towns, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Summer AlePale4.0%
A refreshing, light, hoppy beer with citrus notes.
Durum OrangeFruit4.7%
Brewed using Belgium yeast with added Curacao orange peel and coriander.
Peculiar BluePale6.0%
A powerful IPA loaded with hops from New Zealand with grapefruit and gooseberry notes in a bitter finish.
Great Heck, Great Heck, North Yorkshire
Golden BullPale3.8%
Pale, hoppy session bitter.
Life BeginsPale4.0%
Pale ale with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, brewed specially for the festival organiser's birthday!
Supreme OverlordPale4.5%
Dry, clean, golden ale with a delicious hop aroma from a blend of four American varieties. So good we named it after Denzil.
Amish MashWheat4.7%
A cloudy German style wheat beer packed with American hops. A weizen and an IPA in the same glass thus justifying the bad pun.
Famous FivePale5.0%
Festival special - golden ale brewed with five hop varieties.
Hambleton, Melmerby, North Yorkshire
Monthly special for September.
This premium bitter has a distinctly malty character with a hint of nuttiness with an enhanced hopping rate.
A stout with a strong roast malt flavour balance with some hoppiness.
Junction, York, North Yorkshire
Viking Vanilla StoutDark4.2%
Festival special brewed with the addition of vanilla pods.
A deep maroon coloured old-fashioned bitter. Strong malt character gives way to a balanced bitterness.
Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Kirkstall Pale AlePale4.0%
Golden session beer. Fresh malt and hop aroma lead to a satisfyingly bitter finish.
Three SwordsPale4.5%
Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.
Dissolution IPAAmber5.0%
Delicious amber ale with a substantial hop kick.
Black Band PorterDark5.5%
A full bodied yet beautifully smooth dark porter. Perfectly balanced.
Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Brewed with malts more usually associated with lager, this pale brew is delicate and fruity whilst retaining a clean finish.
Leeds PalePale3.8%
An easy drinking pale ale. Light and hoppy with delicate floral notes and a well balanced finish.
Leeds BestAmber4.3%
Finest English hops blend perfectly with the brewery's unique Yorkshire yeast to create a full flavoured beer with a superb hoppy finish.
Midnight BellDark4.8%
A premium dark mild. Roast and chocolate malts combine to give a full bodied, complex character to this rich and robust ale.
Old Mill, Snaith, East Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
Revolutions, Castleford, West Yorkshire
Severin DarkDark3.3%
Easy drinking dark ale full of malty character, lightly hopped and with a hint of liquorice.
American style amber ale made with liberal quantities of flavoursome and aromatic hops.
This Year's ModelDark4.5%
Black IPA brewed to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the Elvis Costello album of the same name.
Launched at this festival. Imperial stout brewed before the government increase in duty tax on beers over 7.5% starting in October.
Ridgeside, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Ridgeside CascadePale4.1%
A refreshing pale ale hopped with American Cascade.
A tasty pale ale brewed using loads of American hops.
Desert AireAmber4.8%
Orange amber coloured with a huge juicy citrus hop flavour.
Festival special - pale ale single hopped with Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand.
Black NightDark5.0%
Rolled oats, chocolate malt, roasted barley, and crystal malt give this strong dark beer a complex malt character with a smooth mouthfeel.
Roosters, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire
Wild MulePale3.9%
Stunning aromas of gooseberries, grapes and guava. Moderately bittered and pale in colour.
Prize winning premium aromatic bitter. Made with 3 aromatic hops, Chinook, Crystal and Cascade. Tropical fruit/floral aromas.
Last StandPale4.3%
Heavily-hopped beer, incredibly aromatic (grapefruit and strong tropical fruits), with a flavour that’ll really pack a punch.
Mellow yellow in colour and hopped with Aurora hops, which release intense floral and soft fruit aromas. Brewed with Golden Promise malt.
Rudgate, Tockwith, North Yorkshire
Freyja's TearsAmber4.0%
Copper coloured ale, bursting with traditional English malt and hop flavours.
Farmers HarvestPale3.9%
Quench the thirst after a hard day's work.
Zesty, citrus flavours.
Ruby MildDark4.4%
Champion Beer of Britain 2009. A nutty, rich ruby ale, stronger than the average mild.
Brewed with a blend of Bobek, Challenger, Marynka and Hallertau Hersbrucker hops.
WharfeBank, Pool, West Yorkshire
Slingers GoldPale3.9%
Golden coloured, very refreshing, brewed with 3 distinctive American hops giving a complex floral aroma with pronounced citrus.
Camfell FlameAmber4.4%
Chestnut coloured ale brewed with a complex mix of malts, English hops with Celeia aroma late hops, and unusually Demerara sugar.
Bee KeeperHoney4.7%
A seasonal golden beer brewed with the addition of honey. A rich distinctive flavour using only English hops for a subtle aroma.
Amber bronze in colour, heavily late hopped with three distinctive varieties, giving a citrus nose and a crisp dry finish.
York, York, North Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
Yorkshire Heart, Nun Monkton, North Yorkshire
Traditional Yorkshire session bitter.
JRT Best BitterAmber4.2%
Traditional Yorkshire best bitter.
Rest of UK
Acorn, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Summer PalePale4.1%
A clear light straw coloured wheat beer with slight bitterness and a floral aroma.
Warrior IPAPale5.0%
9th in a second series of American IPAs. Rich golden coloured ale.
A deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquorice throughout. Roast malts, fruit and hops also carry through this full-bodied stout.
Ascot, Camberley, Surrey
Single Hop Mount HoodPale4.6%
Hoppy pale ale single hopped with Mount Hood.
Anastasia's Imperial StoutDark8.0%
Aromas of roasted coffee, alcohol & chocolate. The mouth feel is oily & thick tasting lightly roasted with dried fruits and licorice.
Black Paw, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham
Bishop's BestAmber3.8%
Ruby coloured classic session bitter.
Paw's GoldPale4.0%
Rich golden bitter.
Dark SeamDark5.0%
Dark and full flavoured.
Black Sheep, Masham, North Yorkshire
Golden SheepPale3.9%
Beautifully balanced, light cask ale that’s perfect for summer drinking.
A rich, smooth, golden ale with a finely balanced flavour of fruity Goldings hops and Maris Otter malted barley. Last brewed four years ago.
Aromas of of hops, orange-fruit and roast coffee maltiness. Bittersweet taste with a dry finish packed with fruity notes and Goldings hops.
Strong, velvety, ruby brown beer. A dry palate with a complex mixture of hops, fruit and roasted malt with a dry refreshing finish.
Boggart, Manchester
City BitterPale3.8%
Pale coloured, citrussy flavour with a hint of orange.
Dark MildDark4.0%
Classic dark mild.
BrewCo, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Hip HopPale4.0%
Pale ale with a blend of American hops.
Holy SmokeDark4.9%
New beer brewed with smoked malt in the style of a German rauchbier.
Landslide IPAPale5.6%
Strong and hoppy IPA.
Bridestones, Nr.Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
Brightside, Bury, Lancashire
Maverick IPAPale4.5%
Light amber IPA based on American hops with some English Fuggles, Maris Otter and caramel malts.
Brodies, London
100 Hop RockPale3.9%
New hoppy bitter.
London Fields PalePale4.0%
The lightest of English malts and an absolutely massive helping of English Pioneer hops. Lemon sherbet in a glass!
American BrownAmber4.8%
Williamette and Cascade hops blend together with a rich chocolatey malt base in this traditional Texan brown ale.
Intense pineapplely powerhouse of an American IPA.
Hackney Red IPAAmber6.1%
Deep ruby red West Coast IPA. Amarillo, Columbus and Citra hops.
Cleveland, Stillington, Co. Durham
Cleveland BayAmber3.6%
Pleasing chestnut brown session ale with a smooth finish in the aftertaste.
Delightfully hoppy light brown session ale, the name derives from Stillingtons past iron industry.
Light coloured hoppy beer with a pleasant zesty citrus finish.
Black StuffDark4.5%
Dark mysterious ale with a velvety chocolate aftertaste, named after a certain television series filmed in the Cleveland region.
Conwy, Conwy, Gwynedd
Beechcomber BlondePale4.2%
Hoppy blonde ale. The beer is crisp, dry and refreshing with a delicate grapefruit flavour. An appealing ale for both bitter and lager drinkers.
Shipwreck IPAPale5.0%
Brewed stronger for a fuller flavour and triple hopped with Goldings to give the beer an authentic citrus hoppy flavour.
Copper Dragon, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Black GoldDark3.7%
A recipe recreated from the 1800’s. The use of traditional coloured and roasted malts give a unique rich and luscious flavour.
Summer CreekPale3.8%
Light golden in colour and incredibly refreshing, this deliciously fruity summer ale is bursting with orange, citrus and passionfruit flavours.
Traditional premium ale brewed to revive flavours enjoyed by our Victorian ancestors. Full-bodied and fruity with subtle hoppy undertones.
Dark Star, Partridge Green, West Sussex
Hylder BlondeFruit4.2%
A delicate and lightly hopped beer with the fresh fruitiness of South Downs elderflowers.
A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale.
Winter MeltdownSpice5.2%
Deep bronze colour, brewed with chocolate and crystal malts, Goldings hops. Chinese stem ginger and other spices are added to the cask.
Deeside, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire
Straw coloured ale, brewed with local Alford oatmeal – perfect for taking the edge off your thirst on a summer’s day.
Pale gold with intense citrus flavours.
Delavals, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear
Lindisfarne CastleAmber4.0%
Dark ale with an Elizabethan twist, sweet and malty, made with Hyssop to give a subtle minty chocolate taste and a silky finish.
Seaton Delaval HallPale4.2%
A classic English pale ale with a modern twist, light in colour, crisp and refreshing to taste with a hoppy aroma and a lovely dry finish.
East Coast, Filey, North Yorkshire
Bonhomme RichardAmber3.7%
Copper coloured malty bitter named after John Paul Jones flagship which led the US fleet during the Battle of Flamborough Head in 1779.
Hoppers No.17Pale4.1%
Pale and hoppy bitter.
Elland, Elland, West Yorkshire
Merry Whistle BlowerAmber3.9%
A pale amber ale with a refreshing bitter taste from Northdown hops, among others, and a satisfying, balanced finish.
Digit AleAmber4.2%
Created to celebrate the Yorkshire tv signal going digital. Amber in colour from the seven different malts with New World hop varieties.
1872 PorterDark6.5%
Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2010 - a full flavoured porter with a hint of chocolate from the roast malts.
Fullers, London
Red FoxAmber4.3%
Tawny red in colour and bursting with delicious malty flavours. Brewed with toasted oats which lends distinctive biscuit notes.
London PorterDark5.4%
A rich, chocolatey character from a blend of brown and chocolate malts in the brew. Notable coffee notes and creamy finish.
Vintage AleAmber8.5%
Brewed annually since 1997 using a blend of the year’s finest ingredients creating a unique, limited edition brew.
Geeves, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Locked UpPale3.4%
A light session bitter with dry, well-balanced hoppiness.
Tiller GirlPale4.0%
A light, hoppy pale ale with a distinctive citrusy grapefruit edge from the use of Magnum and Bobek hops.
Bow HaulerPale4.1%
Light coloured best bitter with a dry, grainy body balanced by the ‘classic’ taste of East Kent Goldings hops.
Gunwale DancePale4.2%
A pale ale with a dry grapefruit bitterness coupled by a zingy aftertaste and aroma.
Great Newsome, Winestead, East Yorkshire
Sleck DustPale3.8%
Straw coloured light refreshing ale. Bitterness from Northern Brewer and Pilgrim hops combines well with the floral notes of Centennial.
Wandering WheatearWheat4.2%
Clear wheat beer, golden in colour, sensibly hopped with a delightful floral edge.
Harvest's GoldPale4.7%
Strong golden summer ale. Deceptively easy-drinking with orange fruit notes and a crisp finish.
Haworth Steam, Haworth, West Yorkshire
True TykeAmber3.8%
Full bodied amber ale, evenly balanced traditional Yorkshire style bitter.
W.D. AusterityPale3.8%
Blonde refreshing ale, a tribute to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway on their exceptional restoration of the WD Austerity steam loco.
Ironclad 957Dark4.3%
This stokers refreshing dark stout is named after Iron Clad No 957, the original film star in Haworth’s famous film, The Railway Children.
Fallwood 4XAmber5.2%
This full bodied wonder is full of roasted barley and First Gold hops and pays lip service to Haworth’s original brewers, Ogden & Parker.
Ilkley, Ilkley, West Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
James & Kirkman, Pontefract, West Yorkshire
JK DarkDark3.2%
Traditional dark mild.
Little JohnAmber3.6%
Traditional copper coloured session bitter.
Harvest GoldPale4.1%
Golden hoppy ale.
Magic Rock, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
US hops give this beer a floral/grassy aroma and lip smacking citrus flavours which combine with a defined malty character.
Full bodied, hoppy red beer. 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops. Aromas of grapefruit and pine, combined with orange and citrus.
Dark ArtsDark6.0%
4 malts and lots of hops deliver a smooth mouthfeel followed by spicy hop notes and flavours of chocolate, liquorice,blackberries and figs.
Mallinsons, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Very pale, using Citra hops. Grapefruit and light mango nose, bitter hoppy citrus taste, with a bitter grapefruit and light passion fruit finish
Golden colour with a light citrus hop nose, bitter lightly citrusy taste and a long bitter slightly dry finish. Brewed using only US Chinook hops.
Pale gold with a light citrus tangerine nose, slightly sweet citrus fruits and some hop bitterness, The finish is full of citrus hop notes.
Danger: Hops!Pale5.0%
Pale straw, with a hoppy passion fruit and mango nose, a bitter strong taste and a long bitter citrus finish. Dry hopped with Citra.
Marble, Manchester
New pale experimental brew.
Intense and complex, full-bodied and fiery. A refreshing and light ginger beer with underlying spice.
Rye beer brewed to commemorate the departure of chief production brewer Colin Stronge.
Maxim, Houghton le Spring, Tyne & Wear
Carefully crafted to blend the finest Maris Otter malt with English Golding & Fuggle hops, this beer is smooth and light.
Double MaximAmber4.7%
Premium ale first brewed in 1901 to celebrate the return of the Maxim Gun detachment from the Boer War.
Stiff TacklePale4.7%
Strong light coloured IPA with a hoppy nose. Brewed for the Rugby World Cup.
Dark ruby, strong and warming beer that is also easy to drink. Smooth and sweet, with a hint of liquorice.
Milltown, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Golden HopPale3.8%
Pale golden session ale.
Slubbers GoldPale4.2%
Rich golden ale.
North Riding, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Our Yorkshire RosePale3.9%
Specially brewed for the recent Scarborough's Acoustic Gathering.
Special version of Fat Lad's Mild with added coconut.
Rogers RuinPale6.1%
Strong pale bitter.
Northumberland, Bedlington, Northumberland
Dark amber ale with a pleasant floral character.
Gold RushPale5.2%
Strong golden ale, brewed with Citra hops.
Ossett, Ossett, West Yorkshire
Lion BrewPale3.9%
A touch of crystal malt leads to a pale golden brew with a malty-sweet aftertaste. Tangy hop bitterness and floral / fruity aromas dominate.
Silver KingPale4.3%
Lager style beer with a crisp, dry flavour and citrus fruity aroma.
A mellow yet full flavour that develops into fruity dryness on the palate. A fresh, hoppy aroma with citrus, toffee and floral characteristics.
Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear
Elderflower GoldFruit4.1%
Deep orange in colour, flowery hop aroma with a sweet elderflower taste and a short bitter finish.
Golden AlePale4.4%
Dark gold in colour with light hop aroma, sweet malty taste with a smooth finish.
Milk StoutDark4.4%
Traditionally dark in colour with a liquorice aroma, sweet liquorice and slight coffee taste.
Owenshaw Mill, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire
Katy's BlondePale3.6%
Blonde, multi-hopped bitter. Fruity flavours make it suprisingly full-bodied.
Skinny DuckPale3.7%
A pale citrus hopped bitter with a spicy fruity finish.
Gollum's RevengePale4.0%
Pale continental style, mild bittering hops with Czech and U.S. flavours to finish.
Raw, Staveley, Derbyshire
Apollo Summer BitterAmber3.8%
Light amber session bitter with Apollo hops fruity citrus hop finish.
Hop BlissPale4.1%
Smooth golden ale with a smooth bitterness and floral and citrusy hop finish.
All Along the Hop FlowerPale5.0%
Powerful hoppy special brewed for Chesterfield CAMRA's 40th birthday party.
Pacific Ghost IPAPale5.9%
A New Zealand hopped version of Grey Ghost IPA it has a refreshing lemon citrus aroma with a smooth lingering bitter aftertaste.
Raw / Steel City, Staveley, Derbyshire
Raw SteelAmber6.2%
A collaboration brew with Steel City Brewing of Sheffield this is an intense hoppy deep golden IPA. Powerful smooth bitterness.
Redemption, London
Pale mild brewed with three different hop varieties and three malts.
Big ChiefPale5.5%
An IPA in the modern sense, it’s full and fruity, with lots of mango, pineapple and lychee on the nose. Finish is massively drying and bitter.
RedWillow, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Light and hoppy pale ale.
Double IPA, big on hops, big on flavour.
Riverhead, Marsden, West Yorkshire
Brewsters BlondePale3.8%
Straw coloured, good hoppy session beer.
Rough Draft, Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire
First CutAmber3.8%
Copper-coloured ale made with pale, crystal and a little dark. Light and refreshing bitter with English Pilgrim and American Liberty hops.
George PerkinsPale4.2%
Rich golden-coloured ale. Large amounts of Delta hops result in a clean tasting beer with a complex flavour and a delightful aroma.
Saltaire, Shipley, West Yorkshire
South Island PalePale3.5%
A clean, pale beer, with cool crisp fruitiness from New Zealand hops, grown at Tasman Bay.
Raspberry BlondeFruit4.0%
Refreshing blonde ale delicately infused with raspberry flavours.
Hazelnut Coffee PorterDark4.6%
A smooth porter with German malts and hops. Added fresh ground coffee and hazelnut flavours.
Bulldog BrownAmber4.8%
Traditional English brown ale rich with roast malt flavours. Lightly hopped with English Fuggle and Golding hops.
Scottish Borders, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire
Foxy BlondePale3.8%
A classic pale ale with a refreshing blend of citrus flavours that linger on the tongue.
Game BirdAmber4.0%
A light amber ale brewed with Styrian Goldings for an easy-drinking style.
Dark HorseDark4.5%
Spicy hops and dark malts create a beer that is long on finish and full of surprises.
Sherfield Village, Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire
A tasty session beer, pale golden in colour with not much malt but plenty of hop.
SOLO QuintessentialAmber4.4%
A five-hop special, packed with Amarillo, Admiral, Galena and Green Bullet, dry-hopped with Motueka in the fermeter.
Pioneer StoutDark5.0%
A black, black stout, packed with chocolate malt and Pioneer hops, and a hint of vanilla.
SOLO IPAAmber5.5%
Strong and dry IPA, packed with hops for a pleasant bitter finish. A little darker than 'normal' for an IPA.
Slightly Foxed, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire
Slightly FoxedPale3.8%
Amarillo, Delta and Cascade hops from the US and Maris Otter malt. Light and refreshing on the palate and pale golden in colour.
Fox GlovePale4.2%
Full-bodied, fruity flavour from Challenger hops, with malts balancing the spice and fruit aromas of Brewers Gold and Sovereign hops.
Bengal FoxAmber5.2%
Pine and citrus flavours of Green Bullet hops, layered with grape and vanilla flavours and aromas from Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau hops.
Sportsman, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Pigeon Bridge PorterDark4.7%
Full bodied porter, liquorice to start and slight blackcurrant to finish.
Deco IPAPale5.0%
A blonde ale, citurs notes with a lively finish.
Steel City, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Sheffield Hop Infusion TeamPale5.7%
Brewed with a cocktail of aromatic hops including Galena, Chinook, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin.
Melissa's MilestonePale5.7%
Brewed with a cocktail of aromatic hops including Galena, Chinook, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin then extra dry hopped.
Darkthrone Sorachi PorterDark4.5%
This dark and bitter porter has a complex flavour with chocolate, coffee and a fruity hop character.
Summer Wine, Honley, West Yorkshire
A fermenter dry-hopped pale ale, single hopped with Nelson Sauvin to deliver a tropical fruit juice like flavour with gentle rolling bitterness.
A fermenter dry-hopped pale ale with Rakau and Santium to deliver a citrus lemon, peach and passionfruit flavour.
A fermenter dry-hopped pale ale with Amarillo and Rakau delivers a peach, passionfruit and tangerine/orange punch like flavour.
A fermenter dry-hopped IPA hopped with New Zealand varieties to deliver an assertive bitterness with citrus orange and lemon notes.
Saison (Nettle & Ginger)Spice6.0%
A farmhouse style ale with a slighly herbal hoppy edge with a gentle ginger warmth. Fresh nettles are also added to add a subtle spiciness.
7 Cs of RyePale7.0%
A variation of 7 C's with different hop charges and malts added including rye adding more sweetness and a full bodied character.
Tempest, Kelso, Roxburghshire
Into The LightPale4.1%
Light and refreshing fruit salad undertones complemented with a hefty dose of zing.
An eminently quaffable ale with a light caramel sweetness, rich hop fuelled character of piney, citrus aromatics.
Long White Cloud EPAPale5.6%
Citrus, tropical fruit nose. Taste is initially sweet with some marmalade and caramel, matched with drying hops that last through to the finish.
Theakston, Masham, North Yorkshire
See brewery bar for beers
Thornbridge, Bakewell, Derbyshire
Brown ale with a juicy fruit and floral aroma from the use of a single hop called Stella but also nice hints of roasted and caramel-like aromas.
Citrus and pine notes that come from Amarillo, Centennial and Chinook hops. Smooth and velvety in the mouth with toasted malts.
Summer Ale with Sage and GingerPale5.1%
Pale ale with added sage and ginger.
English IPA named after the second ship that took the original IPA to India. Light copper with a nose of fruit and berries.
Two Roses, Darton, South Yorkshire
Pale golden ale using only a single hop variety, Chinook, to give a grapefruit finish.
Summer AlePale4.1%
Pale golden ale using Maris Otter pale malt and lots of late Citra hops to provide a tropical fruit finish.
Heron PorterDark4.2%
New dark porter.
Tyne Bank, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear
Single BlondPale3.5%
Light and refreshing ale, perfect for the warmer months.
Castle GoldPale3.8%
Brewed with English hops throughout giving a mellow bitterness and a subtle fruity aroma with a citrus twist.
Monument BitterAmber4.1%
The hop mix gives a berryfruit character and a balanced bitterness, while the malt blend gives the beer a slight caramel undertone.
Walls, Northallerton, North Yorkshire
County BestAmber3.2%
Easy drinking low strength beer.
Explorer IPAPale3.8%
Combines classic hops from Kent with american hops to give a well rounded bitterness and floral notes.
Summer GoldPale3.6%
Crisp refreshing summer beer with a slight bitterness, brewed from a combination of British and American hops.
Beaters ChoiceAmber4.6%
Premium ale, easy to drink, slightly roasted with a hint of blackcurrant.
Welbeck Abbey, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire
Full of hop character. Bitterness from Challenger hops balanced by citrus and grassy nose from Willamette and Hallertauer Brewers Gold.
Ernest GeorgeAmber4.2%
Very deep brown ale, packed full of chocolate malt, black malt and roasted barley to give it incredibly intense rich flavours.
Wold Top, Wold Newton, East Yorkshire
Wold Top BitterAmber3.7%
An easy drinking session beer with good head retention and medium to light colour.
Big Sky BitterAmber3.9%
Tawny coloured ale with a light hoppiness from Hallertau Northern Brewer hops in the aroma, a good balance of malt and bitterness.
Wold GoldPale4.8%
Maris Otter, wheat and caramalt with Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops give the beer a soft ,fruity flavour with a hint of spice.
Yorkshire Dales, Askrigg, North Yorkshire
Bolton AbbeyPale4.0%
Golden ale hopped with Delta and Saaz.
Howgill HellesPale4.1%
Blonde German style with Northern Brewer and Tettnang hops.
Cogden GillDark4.2%
Rich deep dunkel style ale with malts flavours.
Garsdale SmokeboxDark5.6%
Dark beer brewed with smoked malts.

Draught Foreign Beers

The draught foreign beers will not all be available all the time, we will be rotating through the beers, so it is worth regularly checking back to see what has changed. There may also be some variation from this list.

Sierra NevadaTorpedo7.2%
Sierra NevadaPorter5.6%
Sierra NevadaCelebration6.8%
Czech Republic
BernardUnfiltered Pilsner5.0%
BernardLight Pils3.8%
BernardSvetly Lezak4.7%
BakalarUnfiltered (Pils)4.9%
KocourTmavy (Unfiltered Dark Amber Pils)5.0%
MatuskaRaptor IPA (Golden Ale)6.2%
MatuskaBlack Rocket (Black IPA)7.0%
UeticeSvetly Lager5.0%
WeihenstaphenDunkel Weisse5.3%

Bottled Foreign Beers

Abbaye des RocsBlanche des Honelles33cl6.0%
CantillonRose de Gambrinus37.5cl5.0%
CaulierBon Secours Donker33cl8.0%
De DolleOerbier33cl9.0%
Gentse StadsGruut Blond33cl5.5%
Gentse StadsGruut Inferno33cl9.0%
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Blonde33cl6.0%
Het AnkerGouden Carolus Classic33cl8.5%
Het KapittelAbt33cl8.5%
LefebvreBarbar Winter Bok33cl8.0%
St BernardusPater 633cl6.7%
St BernardusAbt 1233cl10.0%
Van HonsebroukBrigand33cl9.0%
Van SteenbergeAugustijn Grand Cru33cl9.0%
St. GeorgenKellerbier50cl4.9%
WeihenstephanHefe Weisse50cl5.4%
La TrappeTriple33cl8.0%
La TrappeQuadrupel33cl10.0%
BrooklynBrown Ale35.5cl5.6%
CoronadoIslander IPA35.5cl7.0%
CoronadoIdiot IPA35.5cl8.5%
Goose IslandPepe Nero35.5cl6.0%
Goose IslandMatilda35.5cl7.0%
OdellDouble Pilsner35.5cl8.1%
Sierra NevadaGlissade Golden Bock35cl6.4%
VictoryHop Devil IPA35.5cl6.7%
VictoryStorm King Imperial Stout35.59.1%
St PetersGluten Free50cl4.2%